Things to Consider For Your Basement Remodeling Project

The best way to add more living space and more personality to your home is to finish or remodel your basement. While there are many different aspects as to what you’ll need to tackle with a remodel, but the first question you should answer is: What will your basement remodel look like?

A remodeled basement can become a family room, a home movie theater, an in-law suite or an entertainment room complete with a bar.

basement remodelOnce you’ve made a decision as to the destination of your remodeling journey, here are more considerations for a basement remodeling project:

  • Is the moisture under control in your home?

    Moisture is a huge problem for basements and can do more damage to all your hard work. If there are minor moisture problems, those can be treated with water-lock paint. Cracks in the cement walls need to be checked for any compromission of the foundation of your home. Small cracks can be sealed with special caulking for this purpose. Using a dehumidifier to draw in moisture-laden air can collect a great deal of that moisture before it can condense on the basement walls and ceiling.

  • Does your heating and cooling system run to the basement?

    Most home basements may not need some help keeping the basement comfortable year-round, thanks to the insulation from the earth (keeps the basement cool in the summer and warm in the winter). However, you may consider the addition of electrical baseboard heaters for additional comfort.

  • How is the electrical system in the basement? Are there enough outlets for what you may need?

    Basements are known to be dark, so adding lighting with recessed or can lights can help add light without taking away the height of the basement ceiling. Remember that your basement remodel must comply with the local electrical and plumbing code with the required number of electrical outlets. Choose your light fixtures wisely.

  • What’s the wall system plan?

    Walls are already installed in your basement to help with running electrical wires, so you will need to take the already-established wall system into account for your basement renovation.

Home RemodelingOnce all these items are determined, and you’ve filed for any needed paperwork, your basement remodel should take four to eight weeks to finish. Of course, this is dependent upon the size of your basement, the scope of the project, floor installation, material costs, and your overall budget. 

On average, if a basement is 1,000 square feet, that takes around four weeks to finish. The longest job of remodeling a basement tends to be the drywall installation, including the mudding and sanding of walls, which can average around nine days from start to finish. Start to finish can vary based on plumbing as well and the need to add or renovate a basement bathroom or laundry room.

Whatever you choose, just know that once finished, your basement remodel will value to your home, not only personally but if you decide to resell.

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