This Addition Provides Great Natural Light in Your Outdoor Living Space

Sometimes you just want to get away, and the perfect place to do that can be within your own home with the addition of a sunroom.

Including one to the overall layout of your house is a popular after-market addition in any climate and a great choice for any outdoor living spaces.

In Indiana, sunrooms allow for a place to enjoy the outdoors in a warm environment during the winter and partake in summer traditions minus the bugs during the warmer months. These rooms are as versatile as the homeowner’s imagination.

When it comes to considering adding a sunroom to your home, you need to think about the role of this extra room and how it’ll play as part of your family’s lifestyle. Popular uses include as a solarium or garden room, a place for a hot tub, a second all-weather living room or as an exercise room.

sunroomIn an effort to make use of the light and warmth of the sun, sunrooms are constructed mostly of large windows with screens that can be opened to allow for a breeze or kept closed to whatever your preference. There are many different styles and configurations, and where you build it on your home is up to your preference and needs for the room. Sunroom costs, as you would imagine, also vary based on your preferences and needs.

However, the best designs work to blend in with your existing structure and appear as a part of your home, not something stuck on as an afterthought.

There are two different types of season sunrooms:

Three-Seasons Sunrooms – These are designed to be used during spring, summer and fall because of the lightweight materials used in construction, lack of insulation and lack of climate control. This is the more affordable of the two types and can still be enjoyable most days with the installment of a ceiling fan as well as sliding patio doors.

Four-Seasons Sunrooms – These are designed to be used all year long thanks to the investment in materials, including insulation, that can handle the varying weather conditions. Some four-season sunrooms may not have as many screened windows.

Remember these rooms are meant to be light and airy, so any décor or sunroom furniture and sunroom decorating ideas should be light and provide comfort in all seasons. Some owners prefer to install curtains or shades throughout the room to allow for privacy and to help detract from the sun’s direct light on the warmest of days.

If you are considering adding a sunroom to your home, contact us, the professionals and sunroom contractors at West Design Build, and request a consultation. We will work with you and allow you to take your time to choose the right size, style and location to amplify your outdoor living space. We will also answer all your questions about the types of sunrooms, installation costs, patio enclosure, roofing costs and more.